Parque Nacional de Cantanhez

The Cantanhez National Park, known as Matas de Cantanhez, is located in southern Guinea- Bissau, in the Tombalí Region, with an area of ​​106 767 ha. It was created by the Institute of Biodiversity and Protected Areas

When visiting the park you will be dazzled by the diversity of species of fauna and flora that you will find on the way to Cantanhez.

In the trip from Bissau to the ecotourism poles and then in the forest of Cantanhez will be permanent contact with different animals and species of trees, shrubs and flowers, such as:

  • Chimpanzees
  • Pelicans and migratory birds
  • mangroves, bolanhas (rice paddies)

Check with the park's collaborators or visit to find out about the itineraries, bicycle tours through the tabancas.

Region: Tombalí

Tel: +2455523358

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