Pólo Turístico de Iemberém

Touristic pole of Iemberém was the first ecotourism complex of the Natural Park of Cantanhez, has 3 bangalows and an apartment with 4 rooms.

The bangalow Dari (chimpanzee in Criollo) has two beds and a bathroom, the other two bangalows, Buffalo and Elephant have 4 beds each and each also has a private bathroom. Cumbijam is the 4 bedroom apartment and 2 bathrooms, each room has 2 beds (link of the accommodation ecocantanhez).

Have you ever imagined having neighbors like monkeys? Here you will have the permanent company of monkey fidalgo species, one of the protected species of the park.

During your stay in the lodgings of the Iemberém you can participate in the daily life of the inhabitants of Tabanka or enjoy the delicacies prepared by Dona Rosa, the hostess of the restaurant.

Ask the collators how to take a bike ride on the tabanka or take part in the tours of the island of the Birds and the island of Melo.

Region: Tombalí




Iemberém, Tombalí, Guiné-Bissau
Tel: +2455523358

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