Bissau is our capital, the biggest and most populated city in our Guinea, has approximately 380 thousand inhabitants. Embraced by Geba river and the Atlantic, a small city when compared with world capitals but still full of life and joy. Bissau has places that worth your visit, walking or riding a bike you can go to the harbour area and visit  Pindjiguiti square and find out more about history or enjoy the stuning view to Kings Island. You can walk around the old city area, visit Bissau Bedjo and  Amura Stronghold where Amilcar Cabral, the man responsable for our independence, mausoleum can be also visited.

Our economic centre is Bissau, Bandim Market, in creole "Fera di Bandé" is the heart of the economic transations, it worth a visit , so you can feel the pace of a city that for some might be stopped in time but we guarrantee you that is full of soul.

Carnival...oh our Carnival, we can bet that you will want to come back and live it again once you tried it, where our cultural diversity is celebrated. Is one of the best time to visit Bissau, you will leave the city saying: "Bissau sabi dé!"


What You Can Find On Bissau