Rápidos de Saltinho/ Cussilintra

Saltinho, or rather the rapids of Saltinho and Cusselinta, are actually several natural pools on the river Corubal, with river rapids that make mini waterfalls and rocky areas that form natural pools with a very inviting temperature.

The area where the beach of Cusselinta, in addition to the natural pools has a beautiful beach of white sand and a lot of tranquility. Venture into a bath in these waters if you are an expert swimmer and always with company nearby.

On a two-hour drive from Bissau to the city of Quebo, you will find this piece of paradise, go to Saltinho Bridge, stop the car and enjoy the sounds of rapids and the lush beauty of this area of parents. Our suggestion, prepare a snack and take with you and in the end do not forget to collect the garbage.

Region: Bafata


Xitole, Bafatá, Guiné-Bissau

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