Ponta Anchaca Lodge

The Island of Rubane in the Bijagós Archipelago has only two hotels, one of them is the Ponta Anchaca Lodge, a hotel where luxury, simplicity and nature coexist in full harmony.

Hotel with twenty-five rooms, some with balconies in the other sea only twenty steps from the warm waters of Bijagós. In addition to the walks along the white sand beach you will have the opportunity, prior appointment, to visit deserted islands of the archipelago or participate in fishing routes and see Baracudas with more than one meter.

To get to the hotel you can do it by boat or plane. The boat trip takes approximately 1h45 and by plane to Bubaque airport will be 25mins and then 5 minutes by boat to Rubane.



Payed Transfer
Free WiFi


Ilha de Rubane, Bijagós
+245 96 639 43 52 / +245 96 606 73 93 / +245 95 546 04 40 ;

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