Marisqueira de Safim - Seafoof restaurant

Restaurant in the center of the village of Safim, the seafood restaurant of Safim offers a menu based on fresh fish and seafood from our coast.

In the seafood restaurant of Safim you will also try traditional Guinness dishes such as Sigá (with okra and palm oil), Manchito soup (dish with peanut butter) and, of course, the wonderful oysters grilled with a lemon sauce and Chilli (sauce served separately).

On Sundays the restaurant offers a buffet with various dishes and desserts, ask a collaborator if they have Cafriela de Cabra and Fole mousse, you will see that you will not regret it.

Region: Biombo


Safim, Guiné-Bissau
Tel: +245 966 917 754


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