Cinema: Short Film PALOP-TL 25 Years

Two sessions of the short films produced in the "Short PALOP-TL 25 Years" initiative, for the commemoration of the cooperation program between these 6 countries and the European Union.

The sessions begin at 7:30 p.m.

July, 5th

Guinea-Bissau: "Pá nha téra", by Rui M. da Costa

Angola: "Routes", by Mauro Pereira

Cape Verde: "Hora di bai" by Samira Vera-Cruz

July 6

Mozambique: "Dressing the Religion", by Yara Costa

Sao Tome and Principe: "Mina kiá", by Kátya Aragão

Timor-Leste: "Tara bandu", by Victor de Sousa

Dates: 05-Jul-201806-Jul-2018

Region: Bissau


Palácio do Governo Secretaria Estado Juventude Gabinete INCA.