Reopening of the National Ethnographic Museum

The Guinean authorities reopened the National Ethnographic Museum on 15 September.

The museum inactive since the civil war 1998/1999, was reopened on 15 September. The exhibition reopens in the form of self-homage, "The exhibition talks about the history of the existence of the National Ethnographic Museum, which has long ceased to exist," said the director general of the museum, Albano Mendes.

The museum is important for the conservation of the country 's cultural identity. The reopening was attended by the anthropologist Ramon Sarró, who scanned about 400 photographic proofs from the archive to reconstitute the museum' s history, created in the 1980s.

At the exhibition people can see everything that was done to portray the story through contact evidence and the portrait of the history of the museum. The exhibition, which can be visited by the end of the month, includes photographs and ethnographic contextualization of objects, some of which disappeared during the war, as well as the remaining collection and new acquisitions.