Parque Nacional das Ilhas de Orango

The island of Orango is the furthest on the continent. It is an island with different types of climate, from the driest, in the areas of little pasture, savannah, until very humid, this in the middle of the vegetation.

Orango National Park is located in the southern part of the Bijagós Archipelago, occupying an area of ​​158,235 hectares and encompasses the five main islands (Orango, Orangozinho, Meneque, Canogo and Imbone) and three islets (Adonga, Canuopa and Anhetibe) .

One of the most notable components of the park is the mangrove, covering a 16000 ha area, this species plays a very important role in the primary production of the Archipelago, as well as in the reproduction of numerous species of mollusks and fish.

When you visit the park you will have the opportunity to observe the world's unique marine hippopotamus population, so contact the Orango Park Hotel to arrange a visit.

The Orango Park Hotel organizes various activities around the islands that make up the Orango Natural Park, kayaking tours, visits to the village of Eticoga, where the queen Okinka Pampa, former queen of Bijagós was born.


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