Parque Natural Tarrafes do Rio Cacheu

In the northeast of the country is the Natural Park of Tarrafes of Rio Cacheu, composed of two zones separated by the river Cacheu. The park covers an area of ​​886 15km², of which more than 50% is covered by mangroves (tarrafes).

You can visit the park along the river Cacheu and you will have the opportunity to see several migratory birds, as well as dolphins, manatees, green monkeys and even crocodiles.

At IBAP headquarters in Bissau you can find out about the various circuits available in the park. There are several options for guided tour guides, such as:

  • Visit the historic city of Cacheu with the fort built in 1588 to control the slave trade in the region, the slavery museum, the chapel;
  • Canoe ride near Cacheu, on the Blimbom river: mangroves, avifauna, sacred forest;
  • Visit to the village of Cobiana: sacred forest, cultural heritage, pilgrimage of the Manjacos;
  • Pirogue trip between Cacheu and São Domingos: mangroves, rice paddies, avifauna
  • Visit the felupes villages: landscapes, rice paddies, tarrafes, cultural heritage, rice harvest festival

As you see the options are more than many, get in touch with IBAP and organize your visit.

Region: Cacheu


MORADA: Av. Dom Settimio Arturro Ferrazzetta, C.P - 70 - Bissau, República da Guiné Bissau
Tel: +245 20 71 06/07


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