Complexo Dulombi, Boé e Tchetche

The Dulombi-Boé-Chechet Complex (DBT), in the southeastern part of the country, covers almost 319 000 hectares of territory. This IBAP project covers the areas of Boé, Galomaro-Cosse, Xitóle and Quebo, and is well known for its dense forest.

It has been recognized as International Bird Area (LBA), the region also offers refuge to many large mammals, various reptiles and different species of primates, such as the western chimpanzee.

Unlike the rest of the country, the region of the parks that constitute the complex, has some reliefs in its surface, called outcrops of sandstone, that in some zones the presence of caves is verified.

The Corubal River, part of the complex, is the only freshwater river in our land. There are islands on the Corubal River, so plan what to take when camping in wilderness in a silence only disturbed by birdsong or the distant cry of a family of chimpanzees.

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Region: Gabú


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