Have you ever imagined spending a few days on a little island bigger than two football fields? You can make this idea come true on your next trip, because you will want to get to know Kéré, run by the couple Sónia and Laurent, here you will feel like you are from the family.

Meals are enjoyed at a table where there is always one more, the delicacies prepared by the two chefs responsible for the kitchen, the sixth, after lunch, in the hammock overlooking the two neighboring villages or the kayak tour around the island ( with luck will have the company of green turtles that inhabit the waters of Bijagós) will make you want to return to this unique place in the north of the Bijagós Archipelago. The hotel also has available for guests, ping pong and billiards.

To get to Kéré you will have to arrive at the port of Biómbo and from there go by boat with the hotel team, contact Sónia to know the details of your visit to Kéré.





Ilha do Kéré, Arquipélago dos Bijagós
Contacto: Sonia (Bissau): + 245 96 699 38 27,

How To Get There