Lagoas de Cufada e Matas de Cantanhez - 2 days

Consisting of three lagoons (Biorna, Bedasse and Cufada itself) Cufada park holds the largest freshwater reserve in the country, an important detail for the existence of several rare types of animals and plants.

When visiting the park you will be amazed by the diversity of species of fauna and flora that you will find along the route to Cantanhez. On Bissau’s journey to the ecotourism poles and then in the forest of Cantanhez there will be permanent contact with different animals and species of trees, shrubs and flowers, such as chimpanzees, pelicans and migratory birds, mangroves.

Dia 1 - Lagoa de Cufada

06h00: Departure from Bissau.

09h30: Arrival in Buba City, briefing with the ecoguery of the Natural Park.

10h00: Departure to Cufada Lagoon for a journey of approximately 45min, depending on road conditions.

Kayak ride on Cufada Lagoon. During this tour of approximately 60 minutes you will have the opportunity to know, through the voice of the ecoguia, the park's conservation objectives, the fauna and flora that inhabit the lagoons, the incredible legend of the appearance of Cufada Lagoon and also observe the various passaries that make the soundtrack of this tour.

After the lagoon, departure to Iemberém, tabanca where you will stay.

14h00: Arrival in Iemberém Tabanka where the accommodation is, Eco Cantanhez. After settling in your room, you will have lunch and have time to rest from the trip before meeting your guide for the preparation of the next morning’s visit.

Meet with the guide of the Cantanhez National Park for the briefing of the next morning’s visit and arrange the departure time for the forest.

Late on your own to explore Tabanka and get in touch with the locals.

20h00: Dinner


Day 2: Matas de Cantanhez

04h30: Wake up (indicative time, will depend on the combined guide) to go into the forest to see the awakening of the Chimpanzees. Visit the rainforest, very important for maintaining the biodiversity of our country. You’ll get a chance to play and feel the "Polón Garandi," we risk saying you’re the world’s biggest poilão.

9h00: Return to the bed and breakfast.

11h00: Departure to Bissau but with stop in Saltinho so that the courageous ones dive and then enjoy a lunch with band Corubal River.

13:30: Lunch. 

14h30: Return to Bissau.

The price for this experience is per person, for a minimum group of 4 people.

Price: 127,000 xof (195 euros)/person. 

Included: one night stay with breakfast, lunch and dinner on day 1, all park fees, guided tour with ecoguide, transportation and fuel.

Not included: lunch on day 2.

To book your experience, e-mail us to:  or WhatsApp +245965100583

Note: times are indicative

Region: Tombalí