Ephemeris: José Carlos Schwarz

It is not possible to refer to the contemporary poetry of Guinea-Bissau without mentioning the poetic and musical work of José Carlos Schwarz and his contribution to the political and cultural development of Guinean.

As part of the celebration of its 69th anniversary, an exhibition of local art and culture will be held from 15 November to 15 December, bringing together renowned artists such as Hipolito Djata, Felisberto Pereira Cá (Botodjo) and Adolfo Gomes Ferreira others.

Handicrafts will also be exhibited and there will be plenty of earth products for tasting.

Source: Agenda Cultural Bissau

Dates: 15-Nov-201815-Dec-2018

Region: Bissau


Centro Cultural José Carlos Schwarz, Bôr, Bissau, Guiné-Bissau