Cacheu, Slave Path

Inaugurated in 2016, the memorial dedicated to the slave trade, is in the fort of Cacheu.

The building where today it is possible to see the artifacts that marked this epoch of our history was recovered by initiation of the national association Action for Development, with international support.

The memorial has a multi-purpose pavilion, training rooms, residence for researchers and a museum that preserves some artifacts that marked the daily life of slaves.

The local population participated in the provision of some artifacts - kitchen spoons, pots, chains, irons that served to mark the slaves after they had been smoked, whips - that can be seen in the museum.

The purpose of the museum is to tell part of the history of our anetepasates who, more than 500 years ago left our coast as "commodity men". The museum building is next to the Cacheu River.

Your trip from Bissau to the memorial "Cacheu Slave Trail" can last approximately 2 hours, along the paths you can visit the city of Canchungo, also north of the country.

Region: Cacheu


Morada: Forte de Cachéu, Cachéu, Guiné-Bissau

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