The Island Tour


This tour combines the meeting of the people of Guinea-Bissau and the discovery of West African biodiversity in one of the most preserved areas of the world.

Depending on the season, you can attend the exceptional turtle nesting event on sandy beaches, meet marine hippos in their natural environment, but also observe birds, dolphins, manatees ... Throughout the journey the Bijagos people will reveal some facets of their traditional daily life by letting you approach their villages.

Note: Fotos do segundo e terceiro cortesia do fotografo Julius Koll.

Arrival in Bissau

Day 1: Arrival in Bissau

  • Welcome at the airport of Bissau at the arrival of your plane.
  • You will be taken to your hotel in Bissau.
Turtles in Poïlao Park

Day 2: Turtles in Poïlao Park

  • Breakfast in Bissau, departure to Biombo to catch the boat to Poilão Island.
  • Rest or walk on the beach to see the hatching of eggs and the exit of baby turtles who join the ocean as quickly as possible to escape the predators.
  • Overnight stay in a tent.

* Available only during November

Hatching  of Turtles on Imbone Beach

Day 3: Hatching of Turtles on Imbone Beach

  • Rest or walk on the beach to see the hatching of eggs
  • Overnight stay in a tent at Imbone (small island in south of Orango Park)

*Available only during November

Orango Park and visit of Eticoga Village

Day 4: Orango Park and visit of Eticoga Village

  • Crossing of the Orango island by boat
  • Installation
  • Lunch
  • Visit the village of Eticoga where the Queen "Kimka-Pampa" rests 
  • Evening and night at the lodge or camp depending on your desires and availabilities.
The Hippos of Orango Park

Day 5: The Hippos of Orango Park

  • Visit of the Park : by boat through the lagoons to the ponds with the hippopotamuses 
  • Then walk behind the guide in the wooded savannah
  • A day with picnic
  • Evening and night at the communitary lodge or tent.
Crossing of Uno Island and Its Villages

Day 6: Crossing of Uno Island and Its Villages

  • Crossing of the savannah on the Uno island, one of the most populated islands of the archipelago
  • Crossing of small villages to see daily life scenes of the Bijagos people 
  • Picnic lunch in nature or in a village 
  • Overnight in a tent
Departure to Kere Island

Day 7: Departure to Kere Island

  • Departure to Kere for lunch on the island
  • Rest on Kere
  • Night in Kere bungalow.
Visit of Caravela Island

Day 8: Visit of Caravela Island

  • Visit of the east of Caravela island
  • Discovery of the daily Bijagos people in very isolated forest villages under hundred-year-old trees where you often see monkeys  
  • Picnic lunch in the forest or in a village
  • Night in Kere bungalow.
Visit of Carache Island

Day 9: Visit of Carache Island

  • Visit Ampincha village on Carache island with explanation by the women about the diet of the bijago people
  • Then harvest combes (shell) on the sandbanks with women and children. Our cook will prepare them at night.
Departure to Bissau

Day 10: Departure to Bissau

  • Return to Bissau
  • Visit to the village of Sioja Pepels ethnicity (farmers, breeders and weavers) ou,
  • Visit  to the old Bissau
  • Return flight late at night

Travel With Us


The price shown is per person, for a minimum group of 6 people.

The price of the circuit does not include: Air flights, expenses of scale, visas, tourist and entrance fees in national parks, drinks when sleeping is not in tents, restaurant in Bissau; Insurance, loss of luggage, health expenses, repatriation.

The price includes: Reception at the Airport by our ground officer. Transfers to/from the airport.

Special conditions for Bijagós Cruise: It does not require minimum number of people. Prices do not include rental of fishing gear and fishing gear that has been lost or spoiled, beverages, except wine and mineral water and snacks served during meals. Drinks and appetizers outside of the meals. The price includes all meals with the drinks that are proposed on board The tours to visit traditional tabancas and observe the nature, walks and baths of sea every day.

Note: The program will be defined according to your interest, number of people and time of year and is flexible if you want to make changes during your stay.