Maria Mendes

Chief Executive Officer

Obsessed by Guinea-Bissau, project leader and one of the people responsible for the vision and operations of the Kalmasoul brand. Lover of authentic travels and cultures. She lived for 3 years in the Middle East, in an adventure that she does not regret, because she claims to have grown a lot during this stay in a culture different from her own.

Her last adventure around the world was to take a 7-hour train ride to spend a night in a northern US town where she met and shared a room with a 73-year-old Chinese lady who also shares her desire to experience and experience cultures.

Whenever questioned about her next destination, the answer is,Guinea-Bissau, she claims to be surprised whenever she travels through her country.

Carlos Fragoso


Native of Guinea-Bissau, married and father of 3 children. The passion for the beauty of the land that saw him born and live the most beautiful moments of his childhood / adolescence, is something that prides itself immense, and does not exchange for anything.

A confessed lover of travel. His last adventure as a tourist was in his homeland, where he took the opportunity to better explore the eastern part (Bambadinca, Xitóle, Bafatá, Gabu) of the country. For him, traveling is a different way of living life.

One of the responsible for the creation and continuous development of the brand, by Guinea-Bissau, he will be and always will say GIFT!