Tourist Guide "Discovering Guinea-Bissau"

I'm still amazed!!! This edition of the turistic guide on our Guinea-Bissau is a wonder of so beautiful and organized. The association Afectos com Letrass, with the support of the European Union, traveled several kilometers around our country, gathered information of who lives and explores the country, imagine, it is also possible to discover our country by bicycle !!! There are paths in the book.

Before receiving my copy of the guide, I managed to explore (just a bit) the copy that the hotel on the Island of Kéré received and on the first sheet I realized that it was, clearly, a work tthat complement the first version ... let's say that this edition was an "upgrade". The illustration is simply marvelous, incorporating the "Kankoo" as our guide throughout the book, has made this edition even more enjoyable to read and explore.

I will not go further, I will leave the necessary links so that you can also have your copy of this guide ... Ohhhh, I still had not shared the good news ... you can have your copy without any cost, just follow the link that follows and download a PDF version of the guide, "Touristic Guide: The Discovery of Guinea-Bissau".