Thank you Neuza

Thank you Neuza! I begin by thanking Neuza for her visit to our country and for sharing in the poem that follows her experience in one of the most special places in Guinea-Bissau.

Way to Cufada


On this very early day, we wake up

Still the night was dark

A long way awaited us

Sure it will be an adventure


The young driver, very experienced

And so knowledgeable of those routes

Now on a tarmac road, sometimes on a dirt road

Coming from the capital to Cufada, we were going!


Leaving the tarred road

Through the red earth we followed

In each community we spent

We were so cared


Children waving, running

Always with a beautiful smile

And natives so friendly

They helped us finding the way


And by the red earth inside

Always surrounded with the "Green"

We continued to admire each piece

Of the immeasurable gleaming nature


By the roadside many traders

Lots of fruit, bread, typical cakes

So tasty bananas, homemade sweets

Satisfied us during the journey


And even before reaching the destination

In a beautiful community they offered us fish

Smoked bentana, a typical preparation

Amazing food that gave us the last shove.


And already in the middle of that natural beauty

The country's largest freshwater reserve

We contemplate the divine reflection

In an extension of 89 thousand hectares


In the canoe directed by people of the red earth

We follow on the lagoon waters

Crossing the huge white sheet of water lilies

We heard the stories told by the passionate guide


Surrounded by the dense forest that "green"

We relax with such harmony

Birds of all kinds

They brought more color and joy


It was not just the destination

But the whole environment of the trip

That made it so special

The visit to the Cufada Lagoon.

Author: Neuza Silva