Pecixe, a Remote Paradise

Long ago I wanted to go to Pecixe Island, the so talked about white sand beaches that people rarely visit outside the holidays. Pecixe is about 20 minutes by raft from Ponta de Pedra, in Caio, north of the country.

Our trip to Pecixe! All scheduled, we are six, including our host, uncle Cumeré and his niece, Néné (she was the one saying that I have to meet this island). On December 6, 2017, we managed to make our trip to Pecixe happen. The crossing in Ponta de Pedra was scheduled for 11:00 in the morning, so we left Bissau at 8:00. The road to Ponta de Pedra is made towards the north of the country, after passing Amilcar Cabral bridge and crossing to the city of Bula, I begin to recognize the road that takes us to the city of Canchungo, birthplace of my parents. The road is straight, adorned with mango trees that create a shadow and make this piece of road especially warm. The road ... well, the road to Ponta de Pedra was dirt, so an all-terrain car is ideal for the trip.

It's 10:30 in the morning, we arrive at Ponta de Pedra, a village near the mouth of the river Mansoa overlooking our destination. When we arrived the tide was rising, still not at the ideal level to cross, we did a stroll along the river / waterfront, we commented our desire to return to Ponta de Pedra when the tourist resort under construction open, we doubted that the small raft docked was the one that would take us and the car to the other shore, until Mr. Carlitos arrives and says that we could already embark, it's 11:30 am (more, less thing). The third attempt, our driver manage to put the car inside the raft (see the photos to understand why 3 attempts), the car had to be as central as possible.

We arrived in Pecixe, our crossing lasted about 20 minutes, we crossed the island from one end to another and we arrived at Tabanka (village) of N'Djant ... you will have to learn Creole to know how to say the name of Tabanka ...

Our hostess, Dona Domingas, wife of Uncle Cumeré, was untiring. After we got back from the beach ... a huge beach that was only for us four! We stroll along the immense beach of N'Djant without seeing a living soul. When the sun was setting, some fishermen appeared to take advantage of the low tide and fetch the fish that were trapped in the traps. We even exchanged some impressions with a group of children who showed up to play on the beach in the late afternoon.

We had the opportunity to bathe in the yard, to eat at dinner the rice of the year's harvest. The next day Dona Domingas manage to get a bag full of Chabéu that we took to Bissau.

I'm already stretching a lot, see the photos and come visit our Guinea Bissau.